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Euganean Spas
A place of culture and well-being

Surrounded by the relaxing greenery of the Euganean Hills, the Euganean Spas, with the two main centres of Abano and Montegrotto and the smaller ones of Galzignano, Battaglia and Monteortone di Teolo are famous for the mud and spa treatments. At the Euganean Spas beneficial water springing here spontaneously since the most remote times, give life to the most famous spa capital in Europe. The healing virtue of this water is the basic component of all the most modern therapeutic and beauty treatments performed in the 110 thermal hotels, where each guest is followed in a very professional and friendly way. The meteoric waters, loaded with geothermal energy, spring forth ata a constant temperature of 87°C and are unique in the world. All establishments in the Euganean Spa region hold I Super classification from the Italian Ministry of Health, indicating that they safeguard the natural resources of the area and apply strict discipline in using the waters.

Wellness Treatments: In order to regain perfect physical form and appearance through a health spa vacation, all the spa hotels in the area offer a wide range of restorative and well-being treatments and programmes, in line with the long tradition of wellness of Abano and Montegrotto Terme, Padua.

Expert and qualified staff will help you to recover lost energy, beauty and all-round well-being through massage, innovative treatments, a balanced diet and treatments using spa products.

To renew the elasticity and freshness of the skin, combat sagging muscles in the face and the rest of the body, and regain psychophysical energy in general every spa hotel has very special offers, tailor made.

Each spa hotel offers whirlpools, indoor and outdoor spa pools and a whole department dedicated to well-being and therapies, to ensure that all guests are followed with the utmost attention and professionalism, in a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere.

In the thermal resorts annexed to every Hotel Spa in Abano Montegrotto, Thermal Medicine is adopted – through the application of thermal mud and thermal water – for the treatment and prevention of a wide range of disorders, including arthrosis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, primary inflammatory processes, rehabilitation following bone fracture, traumatic lesions or orthopaedic surgery. The healing properties of thermal water are applied in various respiratory disorders. All these thermal cures are performed under the supervision and responsibility of specialist physicians and highly qualified personnel.

Abano Montegrotto are the only spas with a European patent pending on the ripening process of thermal mud.